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Welcome to Ducktape's BBQ

"Our Butts Don't Twerk"

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Britt Roseberry and Melissa Silberman both shared the same passion...feeding  people.  So in 2022 they decided to take that passion to the next level and open a restaurant.  That is how Ducktape's BBQ was born.  Melissa spent over 20 years in hospitality and Britt had been doing smoked BBQ on the side for many years.  What better way to combine all of that.  Biggest question received though is why that name?  Well Britt spent 30 plus years and over 3 million miles on the road in a big rig and Ducktape was his handle, bonus is that name is not one people  

We Are Ducktape's BBQ Restaurant

We are a local family run restaurant that specializes in great food with good ole southern hospitality.  Come by and try either our smoked pulled pork or tender sliced brisket served with homemade sides daily, fresh brewed tea, and finish off with a southern staple...peach cobbler!

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247 West Kings Highway, Eden, NC, USA


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